Ground Up Espresso

In November 2014, I worked on the new fit-out for a top cafe in town. Designing and building it all myself, everything from the lighting, walls and old factory passes to the main counter, table numbers and stools.

The main counter was the biggest feature in the room, using 2000 recycled wooden diamonds in a repeated pattern creates a beautiful tessellation. The idea arose from a friends tiled bathroom from the 80’s.

cafe counter front

This simple gabion brick wall was put in to form the backdrop to the cafe. Using recycled bricks from all around the Toowoomba region and old wooden bricks from the old Toowoomba foundry.Brick backdrop wall bar and table

3 old factory windows were redesigned and welded together with added shelves to create the new kitchen passes.Old factory window kitchen pass

This indoor planter box came from one of those crazy nights spent in the studio. After working on the outdoor planters, I had been wanting an indoor one for the beautiful strelitzia nicolai. About 6 months earlier I had picked up this bed side table from the side of the road. With it staring at me while I pondered over a few days it dawned on me how cute this wood look as a pot on the legs with little wheels to make it easily moveable. And Wala!Recycled vintage bedside table planterWooden cutlery box

I love natural organic elements especially as lighting, I hunted for hours out driving around trying to find these tumbleweeds. Only when I actually wanted to use one did they all go hiding. The shadows these create are simply stunning. Tumble weed cafe pendant light

With the cafe using uno cards since they began it was only right to keep them as their table numbers. Instead of those card holders that are seen at every cafe I made these simple metal bases and decoupaged them with personalized vintage comics and the old cards. I love them!  Uno cafe table numbersCafe bush pendant lightRecycled wooden cafe counter frontTessellated recycled wooden counter frontMetal wall water refill stationRecycled wooden planter box wind breakerStackable recycled metal wood cafe stoolsStackable recycled metal wood cafe stoolStackable recycled metal wood cafe stool

Bunker Records lighting

In the Spring of 2014, I had the opportunity to be involved for the second time in the fit-out and redesign of a local record store. This time, amongst other things, I created these beautiful wooden pendant lights to link the little front espresso bar with the record store in the back. It all began with the wooden triangle, this led to the icosahedron ( 20 sided shape) pendant light as the main focal point and then clusters of tetrahedrons ( 4 sided shape) hanging amongst woven hessian pendant lights and finally two rows of octahedrons ( 8 sided shape) pendant lights. The lights shades are made from recycled wood, blue paint, glue and alpaca wool. The lighting and shadows created a beautiful intimate setting to listen to the crackle of the speakers.

bunker records icosahedron pendant lightbunker records tetrahedron pendant lightsbunker records octhedron pendant light bunker records octahedron pendant lights

pallet wall planter succulents

Wall planters

These beautiful recycled wall planters are about 6 months old now. The succulents are living on the eastern side of my studio and make a beautiful statement beside my doorway. They are so easy to maintain and yet look like perfection! They are made from pallet wood and are sealed on the inside with bitumen with drainage holes. Living artwork! I can’t wait to have a greener studio in the future. YES.

pallet wall planter succulentspallet wall planter succulents



branching chandelier pendant lightpainted dresser artceramic bird in nestpainted pumice stone skull with feathersjp business card holder

Wooden cube lamp

wooden cube lamp

Made from one piece of recycled wood given to me, I made this simple light as part of a lamp series in 2014.

Since making it, I have seen this design become popular. It’s funny when you create something and then you see it everywhere. I try and keep up with the latest trends but I guess us designers are all in the same feeding ground! This lamp has found home beside my bed.

At the time of its construction, the vintage Edison light bulbs (pictured) were doing a crazy sweep through stores and now they are almost over used. They aren’t very practical but still beautiful to look at.


Woven egg pendant light

After using the main branch structure to create a natural branch chandelier these offcuts from the seed head were woven to create this pendant light. It has been hanging in my studio for over a year now and has been used in various displays, in the building process a cat climbed into the egg and then couldn’t get out. I love how this reminds me of driftwood and the ocean.

woven egg pendant light


pallet chairs

Pallet chairs

These chairs were part of a prototype design setting for outdoor cafe seating using recycled wood. What was once from a pallet was then used to make a bar/ ticket booth for an event and then pulled apart to make these 2 chairs. Re-recycle!

polar bear street art

Snow cone bear

Sometimes as an artist you have to eat, and here I had a late night snack.



There has always been a connection to those winged creatures of the sunshine, butterflies. Over a few days in 2011 there were a plethora of these in the air and thus an artwork was born.


Jesse Paul Wright

Butterfly wings on matt-board


butterfly wings