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Currently in the United Kingdom exploring new projects and travel.

Jesse is a visual artist focused on Installation and Environmental Art, looking at clever ways to incorporate personal concepts from anthropology and natural sciences into public art and interior design. He is practical and ever pursuing innovation, clever design and the things unseen.

After completing a Diploma of Visual Art in 2011 he has made tracks through the local art scene in Toowoomba, held art residencies and collaborated with some of Australia’s leading artists. He has worked out of his own studio warehouse ‘the Bower’ in the Toowoomba CBD for 18 months, which closed in April 2015 and has had the opportunity to do the interiors for Bunker Records and more recently Ground Up Espresso Bar.

Jesse has fine sculptural skills and a passion to bring art to the everyday, this has brought him closer to the installation/ interior design world, where he uniquely designs and transforms a space from scratch. Raw materials, found objects and up-cycling have become common threads along with a dash of colour, beautiful shadows and a quirky flair highlighting the JP trademark.

I’m currently exploring red, the use of living plants, flight and geometry.

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