Bunker Records lighting

In the Spring of 2014, I had the opportunity to be involved for the second time in the fit-out and redesign of a local record store. This time, amongst other things, I created these beautiful wooden pendant lights to link the little front espresso bar with the record store in the back. It all began with the wooden triangle, this led to the icosahedron ( 20 sided shape) pendant light as the main focal point and then clusters of tetrahedrons ( 4 sided shape) hanging amongst woven hessian pendant lights and finally two rows of octahedrons ( 8 sided shape) pendant lights. The lights shades are made from recycled wood, blue paint, glue and alpaca wool. The lighting and shadows created a beautiful intimate setting to listen to the crackle of the speakers.

bunker records icosahedron pendant lightbunker records tetrahedron pendant lightsbunker records octhedron pendant light bunker records octahedron pendant lights