Here stores a list of potential ideas that have yet had the opportunity to be fully realised.

IDEA 5: Installation using Latex to create stretched forms for an event, similar to that of large colourful lycra installations at festivals. Developed after playing with materials on my desk.ideas design site specific latex

IDEA 4: Installations using helium balloons to lift objects into unreachable places. First exploring different concepts linking to spaces.

‘Ladder to Enlightenment’ then formed after visiting an old church, it’s came from exploring spirituality, making people engage with the work while visually demonstrating the misunderstanding of things we desire. The helium balloons would be hidden inside a large circular light weight material casing. Similar to bubble wrap, each balloon would have its own pocket. The ladder was directly linked to the notions that through hard work you, over time, can reach your goals. Be that Christian Salvation, Enlightenment, Success etc. The ladder would be a contrasting colour to the space, still red does this for me, and be made from red string and lightweight rungs. The round shape to highlight a radial pattern on the windows behind, almost like an eclipse as the shapes depends over time due to loss of helium.imageenlightenment installation

IDEA 3: Using 25 red elastic strings suspended between 2 pallets by the corners, each side is a cord hanging down that the audience can pull which manipulates the red strings pulling them in different directions. The sides are titled after basic emotions of the heart: Love, Anger, Joy and Sadness. Up to four people can be pulling on each side which will greatly distort the elastic strings showing how the people around us impact on our internal emotional state and how rapidly our emotions can change.

The Installation would stand around 2-2.5 meters in height, using small pulleys where the pulling strings, strong fishing line or invisible thread meets a corner. The red elastic would be kept symmetrical as they are pulled using a square perspex plate with 25 holes drilled and the elastic threaded through during construction. Visually I would like the red elastic to be highlighted, through lighting or by painting the other materials black. I like the idea of using pallets as the top and bottom because the audience can identify how it is simply built from everyday objects to convey a concept.You'll Pull At My Heart Strings

IDEA 2: Installation of rising and falling string forms by an electric motor or hand pulley. When taught the string form is clearly seen and understood but the moment the tension has begun to be released the string becomes organic and falls until it is a mess on the ground. The idea was a development of Idea 1.image

IDEA 1: Using red string to create floating geometric shapes in random places. I love this idea because the shape is only fully realised when each corner is at the correct tension, this came from playing with red string and cotton thread.imagered sting diamond installation in woods